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Nancy Wardle


Nancy Wardle is a Canadian artist born in Toronto, ON and now retired living in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Nancy has always been creative but once retired, she felt a deep urge to start taking art classes where a spark was struck.  She has taken workshops in both Canada and the United States from highly acclaimed and talented artists whose expertise have helped her find her current path.  After only a few years and countless hours at her easel, painting has become her primary focus.  

Nancy was awarded Active Status with The Federation of Canadian Artists in 2021 and is a member of the NOTL Arts Collective where she has exhibited with both. She works in acrylics and oils.

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Artist Statement

I have always been a creative soul interested in art. I would doodle in books at school, on cocktail napkins at parties and day-timers at work. People started noticing and encouraging me to “get painting”! Now that I am retired and living in Niagara-on-The-Lake, everyday I wake up, look out the window at the vineyard and feel my soul stir wanting to paint. My husband and I are sailors spending our summers on the water and love to travel in the winter. I use those wonderful experiences as inspiration to paint using acrylics while travelling or in my garden studio at home. I seek to draw the audience in so they might feel the delight that I feel while painting, inspiring memories and happiness.

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Groups and Orgaizations

  • Federation of Canadian Artists

  • NOTL Arts Collective

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